A boutique PR firm
specialised in air navigation, climate change and sustainable tourism


Prudence SPRL is a boutique public relations company. Our main activity is connected to the EU, more or less directly. We also work as a European policy adviser and business writer, with a special interest in climate change and sustainable tourism.

Air navigation

Previous partnerships in investment, energy supply and air navigation sectors have involved large enterprises, regional authorities and the European Commission. We provide consulting and communication services in aeronautics, air transport and political airspace management for internationally-based clients.

Climate change

At Prudence SPRL, we are aware of the environmental impact of travel and tourism. We support initiatives that promote the struggle against climate change, green growth and sustainability. 

We hope to initiate a creative dialogue with operators that are equally passionate about transforming the travel industry.

The Brussels Review

Our experience in public affairs has allowed the development of successful relationships between corporations and institutions. We know how Europe works, and are able to advise on its policies. We have also had a short but meaningful career in publishing (The Brussels Review, 1994).


We help you draft newsletters, web pages and speeches or produce a portfolio or anniversary book for your company. In this section, you will find examples of our business and speech writing. Published books and reports include multiple works on aircraft engines and air transport.

About us

Seeking an impact-minded public affairs consultant located at the heart of Europe ? Turn to Prudence SPRL’s expertise to guide you through the maze of institutional relationships and policy discussions. We will endeavour to provide first-rate advice in the fields of air transport, trade, investment, and climate change.


If you wish to consult us on any of those matters, please feel free to contact us using our form or other contact details. Located in Brussels, we are close to all the important European institutions. Our clients originate from Quebec and across the European continent.

We are proud to support networks that promote sustainable tourism and impact travel initiatives.