Business and speech writing :
at the core of our experience

We at Prudence SPRL have a wealth of experience and expertise in the fields of business engagement and speech writing in both French and English. We have a proven track record of producing high quality newsletters, books and reports, in text or speech formats.

Here are a few of our references :

A writer and a speaker

As a business writer, we published works on aircraft engines, investment and trade, corruption fighting strategies, energy supply, etc.

Recently, we co-wrote an anniversary book for a Belgian aeronautical corporation and contributed a chapter to a work on the political life of Herman De Croo. You can read this contribution here :


As a speaker, we were invited by the INSEAD Business School to speak to Chinese executives. On another occasion, we spoke at a Financial Times conference on the future EU rail.

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A public affairs consultant active in business and speech writing, we are interested in your projects. We welcome opportunities to collaborate with various networks toward a common goal : finding strategies in response to climate change. We promote sustainable tourism and impact travel.

From Brussels, the political hub of the EU, we cater to an exclusive clientele, from Quebec to the rest of Europe. You will find all our details on our contact page