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Looking for a committed public affairs consultant anchored at the heart of Europe? We can help you navigate your institutional relationships and build durable partnerships, while participating actively in policy discussions.

A strong history of involvement

Prudence SPRL is a boutique public relations firm. We have worked for large and small enterprises, regional authorities in several countries, and the European Commission.
We have at times kept some clients over a period of ten years.

Our main activity is linked to the European Union, sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly. At other times, our work was related to a State or region.

The sectors we are involved in include air navigation and transport, which includes air carriers, airports and air navigation framework.

The regions include the Province of Ontario and the State of Maryland, providing support in foreign direct investment.
The chemical and pharmaceutical sector remains one of our main areas of activity. Another field has been the assessment of energy supply from foreign sources.

For more than five years, we were involved in anti-terror security with foreign firms, including a three-year project funded by the EU.
Recently, a particularly stimulating assignment was the co-writing of an anniversary book for a Belgian aeronautical corporation. 

Our background is based on experience of working in the United Kingdom, Canada and Belgium.
Prior to setting up a consulting firm, we were working in public affairs for a large US company in Canada and Belgium for 15 years.

A mission to perform ?

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Prudence SPRL, your public affairs consultant, is based in Brussels, in close proximity to the European institutions.

We share the vision and commitment of several networks involved in impact travel and the struggle against climate change.