Public affairs,
for the building of meaningful partnerships

Developing fruitful relations between an organisation and the political world requires discernment and inside knowledge of the matters at stake. We possess this ability through our many years of experience in public affairs.

We have worked in Europe for various corporations and on assignments at EU and Member State levels. As a result, we are well acquainted with the system, the policies and the people in charge.

Our most loyal clients consist of major institutions and companies originating essentially from Quebec and throughout Europe.

A publishing career stalled, but fondly remembered

Having studied journalism at McGill University in the early seventies, but never having actually worked in journalism, we embarked on a new venture: The Brussels Review, in 1994.

Only two issues of it were published, but the quality of the authors stands: Ambassador Stuart E. Eizenstat, Guy Daloze, Karel Van Miert, Sir Colin Marshall, Alexander Italianer, Tony Vandeputte, Martin du Bois and Edwin De Boeck for the first issue.

For the second issue, the authors were Dr Vaclav Klaus, Charles-Ferdinand Nothomb, Ambassador Dr. Dietrich von Kyaw, Herman De Croo, Hamish McRae, Nigel Griffiths and Leo Moulin.

The fight against corruption

In 1995, we heeded the call to fight corruption from the founder of Transparency International, Peter Eigen. Transparency International-Brussels was hosted with us and we supported the nascent non-profit for several years.

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Prudence SPRL, public affairs specialist, provides advice, speech writing and strategy planning in the fields of climate change and air transport, among others. Involved in impact travel and sustainability, the company has its headquarters in Brussels, a stone’s throw from the EU institutions. Contact us by filling in our form or calling us at your best convenience.