High-grade consulting and communication
services in air navigation

Prudence SPRL is an expert in the field of air navigation and the aviation sector in general.

Over the years, we have successfully carried out multiple assignments in that domain, from press relations to European affairs. A particular area of influence is the political management of airspace. We have worked for industrial companies involved in aeronautics and drafted many documents relative to air transport.

The aviation sector

Throughout its existence, the firm has never been far from the aviation sector.

Recently, we were asked to contribute a chapter to a compilation assembling fifty years of the political life of Herman De Croo. In 1994, the Comité des Sages for Air Transport to the European Commission published its report. We were then Secretary to the European Aviation Club ASBL which produced the report.

In 2014, we were asked to write the Asco Industries book, The science of flight. We worked on it closely with well-known aviation journalist Patrick Anspach.

Earlier on, we were asked to revamp the public website of EUROCONTROL, concluding with a booklet : "EUROCONTROL’S rules on web writing".

In the seventies in Montreal, we were privileged to be deputy spokesman of the then largest company in Montreal, United Aircraft of Canada.

There, we authored a bilingual glossary of technical terms relating to the gas turbine engine.

A five-year position in Brussels followed with the then-named United Technologies Corporation, as spokesman covering the EU, including the F-16 program in four countries.

Interested in a consultancy ?

If your activity requires information and advice on air navigation issues, speech writing or general public affairs, feel free to call us or fill in our contact form. Prudence SPRL is based in Brussels, in close proximity to the European quarters. Our clients consist of major firms, institutions, states and provinces from across Quebec, the US and the European continent. We collaborate closely with networks advocating impact travel and sustainable tourism.